California Foreclosure Postponement Experts

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Key Features

  1. Implement up-to-date postponement methods

  2. Access to attorney network (free consult)

  3. Expert loan history review

  4. Customized approach to postponement

  5. 39 years of real estate experience

  6. High rate of successful foreclosure postponement

  7. California foreclosure law experts

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Some companies hang their hat on the fact that they are a law firm. They go directly to lawsuit or bankruptcy, and have no problem spending your money. If you are considering retaining an attorney, call us FIRST for a FREE consultation to see if we can save you money. At Postponement Services LLC. we have those options available also, we just feel we are doing a better job for you by working harder to stop your sale, without spending all your money to do it!

  • “David helped us avoid foreclosure, short sale our home and got us a substantial amount of money to relocate.”
    Stan and Terri Dennison – Susan J.
  • “It was terrifying being a single mom and going through this alone, but David and his staff did everything they promised and in the end I could not of been happier with my decision.”
    Laura Triffon – Susan J.
  • “We needed to get foreclosure delayed so we could apply for a loan mod and Postponement Services came through. Dave said he wouldn't let the bank win, and he kept his word.”
    John and Helene – Susan J.

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